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Decking can create a multipurpose outdoor space.  A deck can be a stand-alone feature in the sunniest part of your garden or be used to bring the indoors outside by attaching it to the front, side or back of your house.  Decking can also assist if you have various levels in your garden.


When constructing a timber deck it is essential that the structural timbers are treated and constructed so that the area is fully supported and has sufficient load bearing capacity.  For example if you are wanting to have your hot tub on a decking area then it must be able to hold its weight.  


Furthermore timber is a natural substance and influenced by its surroundings and a piece of wood will swell and shrink according to seasonal changes and humidity.  Therefore a deck should be laid in such a way to take this and other factors such as airflow and drainage into account.  


Another material that you can use to create a decking area is porcelain tiles. They can look like timber but unlike timber it will not rot, and it will not need annual treatments.  


You can also add other feaures such as lighting to make it more unique, and of course lighting will enable you to use this area of the garden long after the sun has gone down.





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