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These are a good way to make a retaining walls, however they can also be used to create a striking feature.  They can be a quick and cheap way to add height and depth to a garden.  If you do have a garden on various levels, or on a slope then gabions can be used to make the garden more user friendly.


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Furthermore they don’t have to be filled with stones.  The image to the right shows a gabion filled with glass and then a light was installed behind it so at night it created a unique light feature.  The same glass was then used to create a band within in the other stone gabions that went along the boundary of the gardens (above and below left).  The meant that the garden was tied in together with the glass.  Also the stone gabions against the cedar wood look amazing.

Gabions can be used to created a unqiure seating area, lighting feature or a firepit. .