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Garden Ideas

We are the Garden Expert for the Lincolnshire Today magazine.  We started writing a monthly editorial for them in February 2014 and we try to provide as much advice, knowledge and information as possible.  To view our recent editorials use the links below;

"Winter Wonderland"

"At this time of year are gardens can look wonderful. Although it is not the right time to be sitting in our garden  we can still enjoy it from the warmth of our homes as Ed Fuller from Fullers Forestry and Landscaping explains"

December 2018 Edition  

October 2018 Edition  

"Putting in the planning"


"Last month Ed Fuller from Fullers Forestry and Landscaping explained about the cost of landscaping a garden, and how sometimes less is more.  Autumn is always a good time to be thinking about and starting a garden re-design project even if you are wanting to do it yourself "

Case Studies

This is a garden that we have recently constructed

Things to do in the garden in December

•Keep checking that your greenhouse heaters are working and your winter protection structures are still securely in place.  You can place cloches over tender plants to give them extra protection from frost.

•Make sure your pond does not freeze.  

•Prune apple and pear trees

•Your leeks, parsnips, winter cabbages and sprouts should be ready for harvesting. However make sure they are stored away from mice.

•You can work off Christmas excesses by digging over bare areas of ground

•You may need to do one last collection of autumn leaves

•Keep your paths clean and remove moss and lichen.

•Treat timber sheds and fences with preservatives

•Wrap insulation around garden taps

•Prune tall bush roses, ornamental vines, deciduous hedges, trees and shrubs.


































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Have a look at our Editorials that were published in Lincolnsire Pride Magazine

(July 2014 and June 2015)



unmaintained property front1 unmaintained property front2



groundwork2 groundwork1 block paved property well maintained garden well-trimmed lawn well-designed garden groundwork3

We approved contractor for Marshalls. They consider us to be have a high quality of workmanship and meet the high standards in landscaping that is expceted by Marshalls to be a registered installers.  This means that we can also provide a 10 year guarantee  on all Marshall products that we use.  Have a look at their website for more information


We also won a East Midlands Regional award as the best newcomer.

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Fullers is proud to support Help Us Grieve (HUG).  Each year instead of sending Christmas cards to our customers we donate money to this charity.  We also

support HUG duing the year whenever possible.   Visit thier site by clicking the

icon for more information and to make your own donations.  

November 2018 Edition  

"Remember, remember the garden in November"


"With the shorter days and wanting to stay inside more we can forget about the needs of our garden.  While you may not be using the garden in the same way as the summer months there is still lots to do"

September 2018 Edition  

"When it comes to transforming your garden, it's important to bear budget in mind.  But as Ed Fuller from Fullers Forestry and Landscaping explains, there's a lot going on when it comes to budgeting"

"Planning the perfect garden"