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pond with flowers and pebbles

If you are wanting a new pond creating there are number of factors you need to consider such as;


Location - You need to make sure you have the correct balance of light and shade.  


Size - If you are wanting a certain type of fish and number of them you need to make sure the size is adequate


Type - There is a pond for all types of gardens from cottage garden to uber-contemporary.  Wildlife ponds are popular but still need designing and planning to make sure they work.


Filters - Pond filters are used to maintain a healthy pond by keeping it clear of algae and some of the debris which helps to keep fish healthy.  There are many different types and it will depend on the size of the pond and if you want a feature such as a fountain.


Children - If you will have children playing in your garden you need to ensure the pond is safe.



We can help with the designing and creation of a pond as a one off project or part of an overall garden design.  


We also provide a service for maintenance for existing ponds.   We can service filters and pumps, carry out any repairs work or alter an existing pond to make it bigger, smaller, safer or just if you fancy a change in shape!  


We have also filled in abandoned ponds and swimming pools when they have no longer been wanted!

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