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beautiful raised beds raised beds1 raised beds for gardening raised bed

To create a variety in levels in your garden you could use raised beds.  They can also be very practical by providing somewhere to perch but also enable you to garden and/or grow vegetables if you have restricted mobility, as they reduce the need to bend.


If you don’t have the right soil for the type of gardening you are wanting to do then raised beds can enable you to introduce a different soil type to your garden.  This is also very useful if you want to grow vegetables, and they also help boost drainage.


Raised beds also don’t have to be really high. You can have a bed raised up slightly to create more of a feature, maybe in an area of the garden that just needs something subtle.  


We can create a bespoke raised bed in any shape or size, and so if you have an awkward area a raised bed may be the answer.  They can also be created from bricks, rendered blocks and hard wood.